Lake County State’s Attorney Mike Nerheim has brought leadership, experience and compassion to the office, transforming how justice is served, laws are enforced and lives saved.  


 to be recognized for the leadership, innovation, and accomplishments of the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office.


to be transparent, approachable, and involved with diverse organizations representing and serving the people of Lake County and the State of Illinois.


for the support and commitments of so many who campaign and work so hard to ensure a third-term in 2020.


for the safety of our community during these times, encouraging all to remain socially responsible, practice social distancing, and encourage others to do the same.


to Justice for all, and putting an end to racial injustice, social-economic injustice and community initiatives that bring people together to remain #LakeCountyStrong for my family and yours. 

Supporting Mike Nerheim

Accomplished: Independent Case Review Panel

Within the first month of being elected in 2012, Mike established the Independent Case Review Panel of volunteer legal professionals/focuses on preventing wrongful convictions/develops new protocols for prosecution.

Accomplished: Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness

  Restructured the State’s Attorney’s Office, increasing efficiency and effectiveness by creating specialized units and focused approach.

Accomplished: Leadership That Is Saving Lives in Lake County

Called on local agencies to develop a comprehensive opioid prevention strategy for Lake County. He introduced a progressive new program “A Way Out” which allows people suffering substance abuse a pathway to recovery by turning to police. Mike also co-founded the nationally-recognized Lake County Opioid Initiative, which is a collaborative countywide, multi-agency effort to prevent opioid abuse, addiction, overdose and death.

Highly Honored for His Achievements

Twice named State’s Attorney of the Year by the Illinois State Crime Commission (2017 and 2014). Received the 2016 Law Enforcement Innovation Award from the Lake County Municipal League. Given the 2016 Community Impact Award from Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center. Received the National Gang Crime Research Center’s Award for outstanding leadership in prosecution.

Lives Saved with Naloxone

People Connected to Treatment (A Way Out)

Budget Savings (in millions)

Years as both Prosecutor and Defense Attorney