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Please consider your safety and for the protection of others, please vote by mail. The information submitted on this form, is sent directly to the Lake County Clerk’s office to process your request for a ballot by mail.

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The 2020 Campaign Videos

Re-Electing Mike Nerheim is more important than ever, as Lake County and the world grapple with the economic, health, and social strains of covid-19, and a renewed focus on social justice, racial equality, and law enforcement practices.

Your role as a voter is crucial, as the 2020 campaign relies on people like you taking the time to watch, share and show your support among your family, friends and socially-distanced neighbors.

Please view and share videos you see here, as well as on Facebook and YouTube .



"Mike IS the change we need to continue to be the steady hand that guides us forward"

Nerheim Campaign Chair and Longtime Lake County Lawyer,

Torrie Newsome.